The new Tabooroom Webcam Community

July 01, 2018

The new Tabooroom Webcam Community

July 01, 2018

The Nostalgic good old Days

The curtains closed on the original Tabooroom- an exclusive German Swingers and Gangbang club in January 2018 giving way to the revamped Tabooroom Shemale Webcam Portal. Our old members can attest to the fun-filled moments we had back then. The countless bisex and shemale parties we threw, fascinating gangbangs, and the care-free group sex we all delighted. 

We’ve received thousands of testimonials from members who joined looking to experiment a little but ended up loving our way of life so much that they extended their membership. We had a relish lifestyle where members enjoyed kinky consensual sex and unlike the overly infiltrated conventional swinger clubs, whatever happened in Tabooroom remained in Tabooroom. It was a safe space to explore your animalistic sexual desires, give society the middle finger and go ahead to gratify your insatiable sexual appetite. 

Our community was more like a family. Contrary to the popular misconceptions about swing clubs, we hardly encountered cases of sexual or physical abuse among members. This was attributed to our thorough vetting process in which we only admitted members with honorable characters. Extreme naughtiness was permissible only if it was practiced on members that have consented to indulge. 

and now, the Tabooroom Shemale Webcam Portal

It was a beautiful sexual adventure for everyone that had the privilege to partake. More about the good old days in another tale. As of now, it is my pleasure to invite you to another episode of raunchy live shemale acts featured in our refurbished platform, the Tabooroom Shemale Webcam Portal. This site offers a magnificent opportunity for our old and new supporters to make new nostalgic memories they’ll live to tell in the future. 
Over time, shemales have dazzled their way into the hearts of many enthusiasts of adult performances. They are the equivalent of unicorns in the porn space and the beauty is- they are as realistic as they get! They offer a unique performance typical camgirls can only try to imitate with dildos and lame ass strap ons. 

We settled on this category because they are the most underrepresented category in the webcam space despite being the most thrilling adult performers in the game. Better yet, we’ve handpicked the ripest grapes in the vineyard the ones we are confident will put up an enchanting show for our wide audience. A session with our trannies will leave you with a strong urge to experiment on these marvelous sex creatures. 

They have the most inviting boobs you can ever come across. Swollen perfectly that you can hardly fit one in your palm, they will get your aroused by the way they gently stroke them in a close up shoot and believe me they’ll be enjoying the act as much. Camgirls can easily get away with fake orgasms, but not shemale webcam models. They have to be great in their performances to turn themselves on and while at it arouse the audience big time. 

You’ll notice that their peckers swing to action the moment they caress their gigantic titties even before they stroke the throbbers in a smooth sensual rhythm. Depending on the nature of the live stream, the shemales can either engage in live intercourse or delve deep into a thrilling solo masturbation session. Things here escalate quickly from a gentle handjob to a full-blown anal toying. 

You might be tempted to think that they’ll go easy on a tight butt. Well, you could never be more wrong. Just like they’ll take in enormous peckers, the trannies equally plunge massive toys down their butts enjoying a satisfying mix of painful and pleasurable friction. I’ll leave the rest to imagination but subscribe to our portal and narrate your experience at the comment section below.  

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